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Year of production: 2006

Running time: 1:33:23 sec.

The final words on how we as Hebrew Yisraelite Nationalists should proceed were, the vision of building Kingdom Community, delivered by our National Liaison, Shabar Ben Lewi (1:05:55), and Brother Jacob Israel calling for Yisrael to seek U.N. recognition as a nation (1:10:50).

'Turn Up Right' Black History Program

Year of production: 2014

Running time: 43:50 sec.

Hebrew-aware youth present a prophetic 'Black History' program at Peary Middle School in Gardena CA.

Plural Marriage in Today's Society

Year of production: 2006

Running time: 45:22 sec.

Interviews on this controversial issue with visitors at The African Marketplace, a community event held in Los Angeles, CA.

Interview with Mario Van Peebles

Year of production: 2006

Running time: 8:35 sec.

PTW interview with actor/director Mario Van Peebles. Video taped at 'The African Marketplace' festival in Los Angeles, CA.


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