We're quickly approaching the completion of our new online community web site,! The new site will serve as the home of the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network, a worldwide Messianic Hebrew association with headquarters located here in the High Desert of Southern California.

The overall purpose of the new KYC Network is to connect the dispersed Messianic remnant of Yisrael, that we may all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Master, Y'shua The Messiah. 

Our basic mission here at the hub is to expand our non-501(c)3 Church Constitution into a sovereign local Messianic Hebrew Kingdom Community; populated, organized and governed by Hebrews from across America and around the world.


The new site will provide a totally unique global network for all Yisrael, and an online place of preparation for those who transition to the fledgling Hebrew community here in Victorville.


We need to come together in one place and in one accord, Hebrews. We're all in need of new strength and comfort in this walk, and that can only come from organizing and unifying in Mashiyach! 


Check back often for the latest updates and the offical launch of the network. Connect with like-minded Messianic, community-building Yisraelites in your city and worldwide!

Your Servant in Him,