Our Story


In the Spring of 1984, The Most High inspired two successful young songwriters to walk away from a "golden opportunity" for fame and fortune, and embark upon a prophetic mission...

It all began with home Bible fellowships, private meetings, and public confrontations with several local pastors, on what the young musicians saw as a lack of spiritual and scriptural integrity...


As a result, in the fall of 1992, the willing servant of YAH, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, created the revolutionary public access TV program, Preparing the Way, which was video taped in the heart of the "notorious" South Central Los Angeles.

By April of 1993, that servant and ahkh Shabar had officially launched the program, written by the shaleakh/ apostle, and produced by the prophet/nabi; and featuring a wide variety of topics, formats and locations.

By the end of the decade, the PTW prophetic outreach, and the landmark Preparing.org website, had been firmly established, and fully expanded across the length and breath of Southern California.

Up to the present hour, this ever-evolving Hebrew Yisraelite ministry continues to enlighten, inform and inspire the Commonwealth of Yisrael... in America, and around the world.

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