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George AFB: abandoned military facility in Victorville

A part of our preparation for the New Exodus could very well take place at the former George Air Force Base in Victorville, CA.

An abandoned military facility, the base includes 600 abandoned and deteriorated family houses, soldier's barracks, officer's quarters, a school, a family support facility and community center in disrepair, and a functioning park, theater, gym, and more.

Beginning with the Clinton Administration in the 90's, the Federal Government has failed to come up with a long-term viable solution to this problem.

At this point, with the emergence of the Southern California Logistics Airport as the new primary location of industrial commerce in the western US, the blight of an abandoned air force base has become a local eyesore and an international embarrassment.

The use of this property as a 'city of refuge' for besieged "black Americans" could well serve as a welcome solution not only to the national embarrassment, but to the increasing threat an enraged and impoverished urban population poses to the broader society.

If we were to gain the right to develop this property, it would create scores of jobs for local residents and incoming Hebrews from around the nation, provide transitional housing, and an ideal place to establish a strong military style discipline among our youth.

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