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Council in Dimona

Dimona, Israel (TCVI) -- The elders of the House of David (HODC) from Brooklyn, New York are meeting in love and unity at this hour with representatives from the Village of Peace in Dimona.

When I saw the photos on Facebook earlier today, I was elated... But much more importantly, I felt a new sense of vindication for daring to believe in true unity in Yisrael.

​For so many of us, this kind of coming together has been considered to somehow be a "compromise." Others among us believe that genuine love and unity among Hebrews is impossible.

Both ideas are anti-Torah, and being proven wrong every day... I for one, am fully persuaded that the faithful remnant of Yisrael will soon come into unity of the faith and doctrine in Ha Mashiyach.

TCVI looks forward to meeting the brethren in Dimona and Tel Arad for Sukkot 2016 and Pesach 2017, YAH willing. Shalom Aleichem!

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