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April 12, 2020


Yashah Ben Yah’shua

Servant & Royal Emissary

The House of Davïd


Beloved brethren, in this post-2019 season of our deliverance, as we soberly reassess our "America = Babylon" equation, we must reconsider the fact that the two key players on the world stage, and the two leading global socio-economic powers at this time, are the United States of America, and 'The People's Republic of China.'


It is becoming increasingly clear to many that the deep-state forces behind the COVID-19 virus were successful in using China as the staging ground and launching pad for this latest bio-weapon attack on the righteous. And clearly, the "World Health Organization" (WHO) worked in collusion and cooperation with Beijing to launch this heinous attack. Thus far, we see that China at some level is staunchly pro-WHO, while President Trump is not.

Behold Yisrael: Why is China the seat of this man-made plandemic rather than the U.S., which remains the number one economic and geopolitical power in the world? Why is the virus not from America, since she is allegedly "The Great Satan," and the supposed seat of the Babylonian System? The truth of the matter is simple, and yet profoundly misunderstood - and largely overlooked by the vast majority of our countrymen, along with many converts from among the nations who truly embrace the Elohim of Abraham, Yitzhaq and Yah'aqob.

Now as you know, brethren, the current Chinese government was founded on the Marxist [Communist] Manifesto, which assumes that the State is where its citizens derive personal power, since all things are "rightfully" owned and controlled by the State. On the other hand, the United States of America was founded not as a democracy, as in the Democrat Party, but as a Constitutional Republic.


As the Pledge of Allegiance reminds us, "And to the Republic for which it (the flag) stands..." That is to say, in America, the potential for democratic majority mob rule has been neutralized through the Electoral College; in that the power of man derives not from an earthly power, but from his Creator. That is, from a power greater than the State. And therefore, one's personal power, i.e. one's liberty, is inalienable; meaning said power is "...unable to be taken away from, nor given away by the possessor." Indeed.


My brethren, the real truth of the matter is this: The deep state globalist cabal attempting to establish a "New World Order" simply cannot do so, as long as the principle of personal freedom in America derived directly from Almighty YAH, however challenged and compromised, remains in place. Along with the presence of the true Children of Yisrael in her midst, this is the real reason America has remained in the crosshairs of the House of Saud, along with the Rothschilds, Soros, Gates, Obama, Biden, Clinton et al. The only remaining question is, are there any true seekers of GOD [YAH] within these governments who want out of this demonic madness?


Now without question, the forces of good, i.e. the Army of the Most High, at every level of society, including within the ranks of world governments and big business - including within America - have risen up in resolute opposition to these insane, blood-drinking, child-sacrificing worshippers of Ba'al... And the amazing truth is, this seemingly invincible hidden globalist stronghold is being systematically dismantled right before our eyes! Sélah.


Beloved Countrymen: Very soon, the Divine Government of the Kingdom of Yisrael shall be officially established; founded upon a third and final principle, around which all of redeemed mankind shall soon unite, and shall be eternally blessed thereupon, from that day forward. For beyond Communism, and even Capitalism, is 'Stewardism' - the Everlasting Divine Principle which declares for the Ages, that in Spirit and in Truth, all things are owned by their Creator, Almighty YAH, the Self-Existent One; and that we as His sons are chosen and faithful stewards, and inheritors of that which ultimately belongs to the Elohim of Abraham, Yitzhaq and Yah’aqob! Even so, Ahmen.

He who has an ear: Let him hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Commonwealth of Yisrael and the world...


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