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Ruakh - The New Genre of the Kingdom


Beloved family, of all the Holy Psalms we as children of YAH have been blessed to receive, the ancient love song 'The Song of Solomon' is called in the Hebrew tongue, 'Shir Ha Shirim,' which means 'The Song of Songs.'


By all accounts, the timeless love lyrics foreshadow the spiritual intimacy shared by the Messiah and His 'Bride,' the true remnant Church...


The Most High has revealed to His servant that likewise, it will not be the current Christian genres, but spiritual love songs that will "set the atmosphere" for the great Hebrew Yisraelite reawakening in Christ, soon to come (Ezek. 37).


In light of this revelation, the servant’s prophetic vision includes a new Kingdom Muzic genre:


Ruakh - introducing the removal of the man-made boundary between spiritual songs and the Christian genres (Eph. 5:19).


Even so, let our Glory, Honor and Praise in the Highest be unto Abba YAH, and Yah'shua our Kinsman Redeemer!


YAH Khai v'HalleluYAH!!

Mayim Records is pleased to recognize a highly gifted associate with the KYCN family, Pastor John Tatum - Yohkanon Ben Yisra'el Ha Kohane - an amazing artist with a powerful priestly anointing.

Look for our program series featuring the Pastor-Kohane on:

Be sure to check out the latest release from Pastor Tatum - Music Book, at:


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