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TCVI represents a Davïdic call to move beyond the worldly traditions of men, and to build a Kingdom city-state in 'the wilderness of the people,' according to the Divine blueprint provided by the Word of YAH.
The documents listed on this page were each conceived and birthed out of that purpose. And the devotion of His servant to that sacred purpose is the heart and the evolution of this ministry.

The Hidden Legacy
Yisraelites vs. the 'Black' Church
The Legacy of Azusa Street
National Unity
The Redemption of Yisrael-Ephraim
A New Emancipation Proclamation
The State of The Kingdom: Beyond 2019

KYCN National Leadership Council

The Great Gathering

Articles of The Faith
KYCN Mission Statement

Keeping the Passover
Kingdom Order of Study
Kingdom Order of Ministry

FAQ From Traditional Christians
Restoration and Fulfillment of the Moedim

A Book of Hidden Wisdom_edited_edited_ed
Operations - Learn the real truth about Hebrew prophetic order, and the function of the Kingdom office, as distinct from the gift of prophecy made available to every true believer in Christ.

Administrations - Do all true prophecies come to pass? Do all prophecies under the New Testament provide comfort and encouragement only, without correction? Are prophecies of divine judgment avoidable?

Gifts - Receive the mind of Christ on the prophetic gifts, and why they were intended to operate differently at-large and in local gatherings, and much more.

Study these
 teachings for an overall grasp of Hebraic prophetic understanding.

The Prophetic, Part. 1: An Overview
The Prophetic, Part. 2: The Seven Forms of Prophecy


TCVI offers a wide variety of teachings, reflected in the following list of epistles, study guides and other writings.

Just as the tablets of stone were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant with the Torah scrolls placed nearby, this servant seeks to faithfully serve according to the instructions, by the power of the Ten Commandments written in our hearts.


TCVI's projected Order and Delegation of Ministry represents the soon-coming Eternal Order of Melchizedek in Messiah Yah'shua.

The following Royal Declarations, Decrees and other official documents provide an overview of Kingdom governance, including monarchy, order, structure, decorum, protocol and diplomacy.


In recent decades, a media-driven version of end-time prophecy has gained mass public appeal - and been widely accepted as Biblical truth.

This deep state sponsored propaganda has even crept in among the saints, causing great fear and confusion. TCVI offers a clear, scripture-based solution to this deception, rooted in ancient Hebrew eschatology.


As we enter into this glorious New Kingdom era, surely the subject of Kingdom marriage is where the Spirit is resting in the Word.

In response, Abba YAH has inspired His servant to uncover the hidden truths of this basic building block of the Commonwealth.



The topics covered in these links are posted here for all Yisrael, but especially for the truly humble and teachable among us.

In this perilous hour, we as His people can no longer afford to repeatedly re-learn the foundation of first principles (Heb. 6:1). We believe it's high time for the whole nation to come into doctrinal unity and spiritual maturity!

Family Support

Here are some helpful counseling outlines created by the servant for 'One 2 One Mentors,' a local non-profit that served at-risk youth and their families in the High Desert.

The Mayim Center

The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network has developed and forwarded a project proposal for a new non-profit organization, for the following purpose:

"The Mayim Center for Social & Cultural Enlightenment has set as its primary goal the connecting of generations; with special focus on missing and ineffective fatherhood, which lies at the heart of youth and family dysfunction."

Yashah Ben Yah'shua

Help Our Youth​

Prospective donors -
For more information, please contact TCVI at:

The Church at Victorville
P.O. Box 2014
Victorville, CA 92393


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