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  • The Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael | United States | The Church at Victorville

    THE KINGDOM "Have you not considered what this people have spoken, saying the two families which Y AHUWAH has chosen, that He has cast them off? And thus, they have despised my people, that they should no longer be a nation before them." - Jeremiah 33:24 THE HOUSE OF TZADOK Legislative Council This is the Y AH -ordained Second Family of the Kingdom, who will soon be appointed as Ministerial Lawyers representing the Royal House. (Ezek. 44:10-15) THE HOUSE OF DAWÏD Executive Council This is the First Family of Yisrael, ordained and anointed by Almighty YAH through King Dawïd to rule His chosen people forever. (2 Sam. 7:16) THE HOUSE OF EPHRAIM Judicial Council From the tribe of the birthright, Abba Y A H has chosen this family to administer justice throughout Kingdom Commonwealth. (Jer. 31:6-9) THE HOUSE OF ELDERS Tribal Council A Tribal Council shall serve as the Order of Chief Elders and Ministers who will shepherd cities and local congregations under the oversight of the National Judicial Council (I Cor. 12:28, Eph. 2:20). These appointed pastor-teachers shall also oversee the day-to-day operations and administrations of counties and local jurisdictions (Jer. 3:14-15, 2 Tim. 4:1-5). IT'S KINGDOM TIME In this dawning of the New Kingdom age, Abba Y AH is rebuilding the Tabernacle of Dawïd, to unite the staffs of Yahudah and Yisrael as one! THE ROYAL HOUSE " The priestly remnant of Aharone in Tzadok will offer Kingdom sacrifices continually before Almighty YAH in His eternal Temple. " (Ezek. 43:18-19) " The key to restoring the Kingdom is the restoration of Executive power to the Royal House, Decreed under the reign of King Dawïd. " (Jer. 33:14-16) " The chosen elders of Ephraim shall oversee the twelve tribes as official Kingdom watchmen, assisting the First Family. " (Isa. 11:13) Look beyond race and religion and discover the Kingdom purpose of Hebrew Yisraelites! KINGDOM ORDER

  • The Vision | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Vision TCVI foresees Abba YAH through Christ soon restoring the ancient Orders of Dawïd and Tzadok in Yisrael, to execute and administer Divine Law, Order and Justice in the New Kingdom. We foresee a faithful body of said Elders in Christ who have rejected conformity to the 'New World Order,' and shall duly establish the eternal Kingdom Sanhedrin of Yisrael. ​ ​ We foresee the establishing of local gatherings from house to house, restoring intimacy and accountability to our congregations.​ ​ ​ We foresee the true Holy Nation moving from ownership to stewardship, like the original church at Jerusalem, and holding all things in common.​ We foresee a divine synergy of national agreement, when all Yisraelites in Christ will be perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same judgment. ​​ We foresee a great material wealth transfer coming from all nations, and being placed at the feet of the true children of Yisrael in Christ. We foresee a great gathering of the children of Yisrael into one land in the wilderness of America, to build the foundation of the New Kingdom. We foresee a New Exodus of redeemed Yisraelites from around the world to our ancient Promised Land.

  • The Mission | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Mission The TCVI mission is to gather, organize and unify a Kingdom city-state in the wilderness of America, as a divine demonstration of freedom and justice for our people and the world. Over the past several years, the servant has divinely received and put forth a comprehensive Order of Kingdom Governance; structured for an evolution into a fully empowered, sovereign Yisraelite state. Now according to the standard definition, a 'state' is simply “an organized community living under a unified political system.” By that definition, our emerging state now hinges upon a Kingdom-wide restoration and ratification of the ancient House of Dawïd ... On the other hand, a nation is generally defined as “a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity or history.” And according to that definition, we as natural and naturalized Yisraelites are already a nation -- but not yet an outward kingdom. At this stage, the only missing requirement is a sovereign Yisraelite territory. And that dimension will soon be officially granted to the new Kingdom -- when Abba Y AH gathers His remnant into 'the wilderness of the people,' as it is written. Surely, we as faithful believers are a holy nation, seeking to elevate our people and the world; as we evolve from our current state of sharing a common history and culture, into the everlasting United Kingdom of Yisrael. KYCN MISSION STATEMENT

  • Donations | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Donations "Neither said any of them that any of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common." - Acts 4:32 TCVI recognizes that the doctrine of salvation "by faith alone" is a damnable heresy (James 2:14-26). And as such, we understand that true love and faith must have practical expression, both in natural and spiritual bread... Please know that your donations are helpful to our labor in Christ, and deeply appreciated! Quick link: If you prefer to give by check or money order, mail your tax-deductible donations to: The Church at Victorville P.O. Box 2014 Victorville, CA 92393 Todah/thank you. May Abba Y A H multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruit of your righteousness, according to His promise! The Wilderness of the People Behold, saints: the only wilderness region suitable for the prophesied 'Great Gathering' in the United States is in the West. And "it just so happens" that from the original land of our fathers, the most distant wilderness region on earth includes the Mojave Desert in southwest America. The land of the 'Joshua tree' -- with nearby Los Angeles sharing virtually the same global latitude as the ancient City of Davïd . And l et it be known throughout the Kingdom, that poverty-stricken Jacob from South L.A. has already begun to relocate to the High Desert in serious numbers, by the outstretched arm of Almighty Y AH ... ​ Support your New Kingdom City!

  • The Church at Victorville | United States | Kingdom Government

    IT'S KINGDOM TIME Shalom The Church at Victorville (TCVI) is a global Messianic Christian Yisraelite association, based in the High Desert of Southern California. TCVI teaches that we the supposed African American people are the true seed of the ancient Hebrew Yisraelites, and are therefore, the primary heirs and rightful executors of the Covenants of Almighty Y AH . We also teach that the faithful Gentiles grafted into the Kingdom through Christ are naturalized Yisraelites; and fellow subjects of the hidden Throne of Dawïd and the 'Desposyni' -- the Royal Family of Yisrael. facebook group Come join the family! Is Christ the Son of David? Discover the answer to the ancient mystery that has blinded the Kingdom Movement! THE BRANCH In the Real News THE REVELATION OF ‘BLACK JESUS ’ For the past sixty years, the vast majority of ‘b lack American ’ women -- and the “ down low ” black preachers, politicians and “ stars ” they embrace -- have chosen to align themselves with the Democrat Party. And yet, from their radical pro-slavery founding in 1828 to this day, the Democrats have remained the upright 'black' man's greatest enemy. But in 2024, thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin -- who is ‘ white ’ -- the truth has been revealed before the whole world that the real “ Jesus ” is a b lack man. And now suddenly, many of these “ elite ” black traitors are pretending as if they ’ re not guilty of bowing before their “w hite liberal ” masters [and worse] -- while they slander and oppress the faithful ‘b lacks ’ who have followed the real Christ and the real Gospel all along... Behold: The Divine Judgment is set -- and all true Hebrew Yisraelites and Christian citizens of the holy nation shall be fully vindicated and greatly rewarded. While the traitors, both “ black and white, ” are now being seen by the world for exactly who they are; and shall be recompensed by Almighty Y AH according to their deeds, as it is written. ​ Y AH Khai v’HalleluY AH ! A Word from the Servant: Read more here The Great Gathering Behold, saints: After the four-hundred-year sojourn of Yahudah in America, the end-time deliverance of all Yisrael has come! And in 2024, the all-time historic Hebrew year of the Great Jubilee begins... It's time to support your emerging New Kingdom City in the High Desert of Southern California! Read more here Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the Commandments of YAH and the faith of Yahushua. - Revelation 14:12 THE WORD IS OUT! March 25, 2024 -- Putin declares to the world that Christ is 'black' Russian President Vladimir Putin opens his nation's vaults to display original icons of ancient Hebrew Yisraelites, including Christ Himself! Before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade 'switch-over' Another pre-slave-trade rendering of Christ and His disciples Before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade 'switch-over' A pre-"Renaissance" Eastern Eurasian rendering of Hebrew Yisraelites in Christ. The Honorable Nasik Gavriel Ha Gadol and Family My beloved elder and friend, 'The Angel of Love' -- a founding father of Kefar Ha Shalom, 'The Village of Peace' at Dimona, Israel. Prince Asiel Ben Yisra'el (April 30, 1941 - August 21, 2022). May He Rest in Eternal Shalom... My beloved elder and friend, the original International Ambassador 'Plenipotentiary' of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, the great diplomat and statesman Prince Asiel Ben Yisrael, with his firstborn son, Ben Asiel - in Ghana, West Africa, 2017. R.I.C., Prince Asiel Jr. - I'll see you in the Morning, my beloved son. I won't let you down...YAH Khai v'HalleluYAH! Hebrew Yisraelites vs. the Israeli state? Are the Shemetic Hebrew Yisraelite-aware in America "anti-Semitic?" Will the Jewish people and the Israeli state remain exempt from legitimate criticism? Stay tuned... Israeli state troubled over Hebrew Yisraelite presence in ha Eretz Minister of Information Sar Ahmadiel Ben Yehuda speaks at the Annual New World Passover Celebration in the Village of Peace at Dimona, Israel. Kanye West and Kyrie Irving in the News The prophesied four-hundred-year curse upon we, the supposed African American people, is now being removed... IT'S KINGDOM TIME. THE SEVEN SALEMS A miraculous sign from Almighty YAH in the heavens over America - 2017. This divine event earmarks the beginning of the last seven years of Yisrael's sojourn... Reasoning with an ISUPK Captain Discussing the Kingdom order of Dawïd with Captain Sakawar at an ISUPK BBQ in Victorville, CA. The group's controversial leader, Commanding General Yahanna, greeted the servant warmly and respectfully. King Dawïd - Warrior / Prophet / Psalmist From Greece, circa 1000 A.D. An 11th century Greek painting of captive Hebrew Yisraelites A Greek painting of three Chaldean soldiers with captive 'Judeans' in ancient Babylon. Ther Original Twelve A pre-Renaissance rendering of the original twelve apostles of Christ Former Egyptian President, the late Gamel Abdel Nasser The late-great Egyptian leader's famous quote still reverberates in today's emerging Hebrew Yisraelite Movement...

  • KYCN National Leadership Council | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Top KYCN NATIONAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Elder Yashah Ben Yah'shua, Servant & Royal Emissary of the House of Dawïd, to the faithful Lions of Yisrael, Shalom, Shalum, Shalam, Shalawam and Peace. Beloved Sons of Y AH : The purpose ​of the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network and the National Leadership Council is to come together in brotherhood, unity and fellowship, to develop and implement strategies to move beyond the curses of our captivity, and to re-establish our divine Kingdom government: In order to reclaim our stolen legacy, both natural and spiritual, and to regain our rightful position as the rightful executors and primary heirs of the Holy Covenants. From ancient times, our people Yisrael have been bequeathed by the Most High with tremendous wealth, in the form of knowledge, wisdom and understanding; as well as our Promised Land and our Divine language and culture; along with a priceless fortune in gold, silver and priceless artifacts, seized and held over the centuries by our oppressors. As such, TCVI seeks to identify and convene a diverse body of chosen and faithful ministers in Yisrael, representing every stream of theology and thought among the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware in Yah'shua, To fulfill our divine purpose in Abba YAH, through restoring our Torah Constitution [The Book of The Covenant - Exodus, chapters 20-23] as a catalyst for the emerging Ki ngdom gathering in the wilderness of America (Ezek. 20:33-38); To fill the various ministry offices, according to each man's tribal calling and gifting in Christ; and to come into everlasting spiritual unity and perfection in Him (Heb. 5:1-14, 6:1-3). Y AH Khai v'HalleluYAH! Beloved son -- if you are thirty years of age or above, you are eligible. If you meet the basic requirements set forth (Titus 1:5-11), and you are divinely led to join with us, please contact us by filling out the NLC eligibility form provided beneath the list of founding documents. But before you do, please take a moment to download and review the documents provided. Todah [Thank you]. Shal'm, Shal'm! KYCN Mission Statement.pdf NLC Mission Statement.pdf Founding Documents THE VISION The divine covenant foresight of the servant in advancing the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. The Vision.pdf ARTICLES OF THE FAITH The basic set of beliefs that bind the global alliance together as a sovereign Kingdom [without replacing the Torah Constitution]. Kingdom Articles of the Faith.pdf TCVI CONSTITUTIO N The official Decree and Constitution, setting TCVI's governmental structure and codifying the divine seed of an emerging city-state. TCVI Constitution.pdf KINGDOM SOVEREIGNTY The official position of the NLC on establishing sovereignty for the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. Kingdom Sovereignty.pdf ROYAL PROCLAMATION OF THE HOUSE OF DAWÏD A divine Decree restoring the ancient executive-ecclesiastical power of the 'Desposyni' to the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. The House of Dawïd.pdf KINGDOM GOVERNMENT An outline presenting the Eternal Order of Melchizedek; TCVI's projected delegation of Kingdom Ministry offices. Kingdom Government.pdf KINGDOM COMMUNITY LAND TRUST A Royal Proclamation establishing the High Desert Kingdom Governing Community land and territory. KYCLT.pdf KINGDOM COMMONWEALTH CHART A chart illustrating the historical evolution of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. Kingdom Chart.pdf Welcome, brethren.

  • Resources | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Resources Introduction The Church at Victorville represents a Davidic call to move beyond the worldly traditions of men; and to build a Kingdom city-state in the wilderness of the people, according to the blueprint of the Living Word. The documents listed on this page were each conceived and birthed out of that purpose. And the devotion of His servant to that sacred purpose represents the heart and evolution of this ministry. Nationhood The Hidden Legacy Yisraelites vs. the 'Black' Church The Legacy of Azusa Street National Unity Keeping the Passover The Redemption of Yisrael-Ephraim * A New Emancipation Proclamation The State of The Kingdom: Beyond 2019 The Great Gathering Priesthood Vision Mission Articles of The Faith KYCN Mission Statement Kingdom Order of Study Kingdom Order of Ministry FAQ From Traditional Christians Restoration and Fulfillment of the Moedim * KYCN National Leadership Council The Prophetic Operations - Learn the real truth about Hebrew prophetic order, and the function of the Kingdom office as distinct from the gift of prophecy made available to every true believer in Christ. Administrations - Do all true prophecies come to pass? Do all prophecies under the New Testament provide comfort and encouragement only, without correction? Are prophecies of divine judgment avoidable? Study this lesson for an overall grasp of Hebraic prophetic understanding. Gifts - Receive the mind of Christ on the prophetic gifts, and why they were intended to operate differently at-large than in local gatherings, and much more. The Prophetic, Part. 1: An Overview The Prophetic, Part. 2: The Seven Forms of Prophecy Foundational Principles TCVI offers a wide variety of teachings, reflected in the following list of epistles, study guides and other writings. Just as the tablets of stone were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant with the Torah scrolls placed nearby, this servant seeks to faithfully serve according to the instructions, by the power of the Ten Commandments written in our hearts. The Incarnation of Christ The Truth About the Trinity 'Christianity' Kingdom Authority A Divine Division The Spirit of the Law * The Outcasts of Yisrael There Remains a Rest Kingdom Order of Male and Female The Kingdom Order of Nations The Principle of Adoption Kingdom Praise Love vs. Fear Sticking to the Script Kingdom Vigilance The Spiritual Seasons of Life Calling Him Abba Kingdom Proverbs Prophetic Updates The Final Seven Steps The Unfolding of End-Time Events The Feast Days and the Constellations The Restoration of True Yisrael The Truth About the Millennial Reign * The Revealing of the Truth-Teller The Order of the End Time Wars An End Time Sign to The Kingdom The Revelation of "Black Jesus" Controversial Doctrine The topics covered in these links are posted here for all Yisrael, but especially for the truly humble and teachable among us... In this perilous hour, we as His people can no longer afford to repeatedly re-learn the foundation of first principles (Heb. 6:1). We believe it's high time for the whole nation to come into doctrinal unity and spiritual maturity! 'Christianity ' Kingdom Polygyny The Mystery of 'I AM '* Pagan Symbols The Vengeance of YAH The True Legacy of MLK Profit vs. Non-Profit Corporations Kingdom Governance The Mayim Center TCVI's projected Order and Delegation of Kingdom Ministry represents the soon-coming Eternal Order of Melchizedek in Messiah Yah'shua. The following Royal Declarations, Decrees and other official documents provide a basic overview of Kingdom governance, including monarchy, order, structure, decorum, protocol and diplomacy. Kingdom Order Kingdom Sovereignty Kingdom Order of Government The Royal Order of the House of Dawïd Kingdom Order in the Local Church Kingdom Structural Overview Kingdom of Yisrael Community Land Trust Kingdom of Yisrael Land Reserve Initiative Profit vs. Non-Profit Corporations Echad: One Kingdom Under Y AH The Knesset or the Kingdom The Dimona Dilemma The Two Kingdoms The United Nation of Yisrael Kingdom Commonwealth Chart Hebrew Eschatology In recent decades, a commercialized, media-driven version of end-time prophecy has gained mass public appeal -- and been widely accepted as biblical truth. This deep state sponsored propaganda has even crept in among the saints, causing great fear and confusion. TCVI offers a clear, scripture-based solution to this deception, rooted in ancient Hebrew eschatology. 2019 | 2022 The Second Coming of Christ To Flee or Not to Flee The Spirit of Elijah Historic Four Blood Moons The Two Eternal Cities to Come The Seventieth Jubilee KOY End-Time Prophecy * The Branch The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network has developed and forwarded a project proposal for a new non-profit organization, for the following purpose: 'The Mayim Center for Social & Cultural Enlightenment has set as its primary goal the connecting of generations; with special focus on missing and ineffective fatherhood, which lies at the heart of youth and family dysfunction.' - Yashah Ben Yah'shua MC Project Proposal.pdf Family Support Here are some helpful counseling outlines created by the servant for 'One 2 One Mentors,' a local non-profit that served at-risk youth and their families in the High Desert. Class Objective Let's Get Acquainted Family Conflict Resolution Family Team Building Forgiving the Past Healthy Relationships Love & Limits Anger Management The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Help Our Youth​ Prospective donors: For more information, please contact TCVI at: The Church at Victorville P.O. Box 2014 Victorville, CA 92393 Email: Kingdom Marriage As we enter into this glorious New Kingdom era, surely the subject of Kingdom marriage is where the Spirit is resting in the Word! In response, Abba Y AH has inspired His servant to uncover the hidden truths of this basic building block of the Commonwealth. The Purpose of Kingdom Marriage The Order of Kingdom Marriage The Culture of Kingdom Marriage The Intimacy of Kingdom Marriage The Kingdom Marriage of Boaz and Ruth The Faith of the Kingdom Brides Kingdom Polygyny Study Tools Blue Letter Bible Bible Gateway Strong's Concordance Hebrew Alphabet Chart Torah in Ancient Hebrew The Dead Sea Scrolls The Apocrypha The Book of Enoch Josephus Eusebius

  • About TCVI | United States | The Church at Victorville

    The Servant ABOUT ​Above all things, the Church at Victorville is about love . Love for Almighty YAH our Father, and Yah'shua our Redeemer, and love for His people. Love, joy, peace... the Fruit of the Spirit, are timeless virtues that represent the sum and substance of the Law. And to that end, TCVI is dedicated to transcending the vain traditions of men. The Church at Victorville (TCVI) is the Royal Executive Order of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. TCVI was founded in August of 2014 as a sovereign 'non 501(c)3' unincorporated association, according to the U.S. Constitution, and under the Torah, our Eternal Body of International Law. 1619 - 2019 TCVI embodies the eternal Kingdom order and government of Christ "in seed form." That is to say, we are ordered and structured in a manner that facilitates an evolution into a fully empowered sovereign Kingdom. And in truth, this is exactly what the Universal Body of Christ has been ordained to become. THE ADOPTION OF SONS TCVI represents a universal Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisraelites, irrespective of local churches, camps and organizations. Now to be sure, we are led by Hebrew Yisraelites, who are the rightful and legal executors of the Covenants. But consider, brethren, that even the term 'Hebrew Yisraelites' itself validates the grafted-in Yisraelites. Sélah. Indeed, our hearts and our doors are open in Christ to receive adopted sons of YAH from every kindred, tongue, nation and people. In fact, TCVI foresees that many 'naturalized' Yisraelite citizens will serve as official Kingdom representatives on behalf of their countries of origin. And surely, this organizing principle will soon order formal diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

  • Zion | United States | The Church at Victorville

    Zion An ancient and faraway place... A land of unmatched history and endless wonder. Faded childhood memories of a glorious city, so fascinating and mysterious; and shrouded with the golden haze of eternal Promise. The center of the earth. The navel of the nations. The birthplace of man's hope for immortality, and the wellspring of our common longing for the divine... The once mighty city lies in ruins. The ancient high places languish in low estate. Like a royal bride stripped of her outer adornment, the terrain is naked and exposed, and covered with dark clouds of shame. The branches of fruitless trees are tossed to and fro by the unforgiving winds of time. Behold, a barren wilderness, with a waning expectation for the blooming of her once lush and bountiful land... She is a city no longer renowned for her beauty, that she should be courted by the children of men. A city trodden underfoot by the wicked, and woefully neglected by the passing of time. A broken city, with a strained appearance of wariness and fear of her approaching new birth. Ghostly images haunt her memories of foreign nations polluting her Y AH -forsaken streets... And yet, a tiny remnant of her sons and daughters from afar arise to seek the ancient pathways; and to reclaim the ruins of a distant and glorious past... The faithful children bond with the long-lost motherland, and renew the ancient promise. In the name of love and honor, they brave the hardships, face the trials and embrace the burden of pilgrimage; a pa th long since rejected, and forsaken by countless generations. Slowly, a faint yet unmistakable glimmer of hope begins to spread across the horizon... After endless years of parched plains and naked valleys, a dormant underground river bursts to the surface, bringing forth a new refreshing; and ushering in the long-awaited season of renewal! Expressions of great awe and humility are etched upon the faces of the remnant... And suddenly, the once barren trees begin to clap their hands, and the royal lilies of the field rejoice in heavenly harmony! A great beacon light of hope now emanates throughout the Promised land, beckoning to the ends of the earth; and a deep, collective exhale echoes across the waning darkness. Then all at once, the wealth of the nations forever removes the shame and disgrace that grieved the Holy Land through the ages... For the resurrected city of Dawïd shall soon be adorned with the high holy garments of praise; and shall be covered with the royal splendor of a reigning queen! Her high places shall teem with great multitudes of the children of Y A H gathered from afar... Behold, the magnificence of the renewed Promised Land has become the everlasting Glory of the Most High, and the Holy One of Yisrael... The city set on a hill far away. The birthplace of a million dreams. An ancient vision of eternal love and peace for all mankind... The garden spot of the universe. The land of lands. Zion.

  • The Kingdom Order of Government | United States | TCVI

    THE KINGDOM OF YISRAEL ORDER OF GOVERNMENT ​ ​ THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD OF MELCHIZEDEK ​ The King of Kings The House of Y AHUWAH Universal Council Twenty-Four Elders of Yisrael ​ THE SANHEDRIN ​ The King The House of Dawïd Executive Council Twelve Princes of Dawïd ​ Chief Priest The House of Tzadok Legislative Council Twelve Priests of Tzadok ​ Prime Minister The House of Ephraim Judicial Council Twelve Princes of Ephraim Twelve Tribal Chiefs Twelve Tribal Judges ​ Minister of State The House of Elders Tribal Council Minister of Justice Minister of Interior Minister of Commerce Minister of Security Minister of Culture Minister of Housing Minister of Education Minister of Agriculture Minister of Health ​ ***** ​******* For the downloadable document, click on the link below. Kingdom Order of Government.pdf ​ For a full listing of Kingdom resources, click here .

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