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 Laws, Principles and Practices

Elder Yashah Ben Yah'shua, Servant and Royal Emissary of the House of Dawïd, to the Holy Nation Worldwide, Greetings.

Beloved brethren, it is written that YAH is love. This foundational truth is the cornerstone of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and the guiding principle for all that we seek to become as members of the family of YAH, and citizens of the Kingdom of Yisrael.


It is also written that “YAH is not the author of confusion.” And of course, that dubious distinction belongs to the enemy of our souls, Satan -- the father of lies, who hates Abba YAH, and all who call upon His Holy Name (Ps. 68:4). And surely, the love of YAH cannot flourish in the icy climate of our enemies' chaos and division. Hear, O Yisrael: the faithful remnant in Christ must now take heed to the sound of the emerging trumpets of YAH -- His hidden set-apart servants, raised up in this final hour to call His Kingdom to order. Even so, Amen.

A Kings Crown and the Crown of Thorns.jpg

The great apostle Kefa [Peter] referred to the early Hebrew Yisraelite believers scattered among the Gentiles both as Christians and as a holy nation. To then demonize the word ‘Christian’ and spiritualize the words ‘Holy Nation,’ and suggest that the faithful remnant in Christ is something other than the anointed Kingdom of Yisrael, is to change the plain literal meaning of scripture without any contextual reason whatsoever. In fact, in the sight of Abba YAH, the true church is a Kingdom government in waiting -- destined to rule not only the nations of the earth, but the very angelic hosts of heaven... 


Surely the time has come for we as the rightful executors of the Covenants to expand our understanding of governance beyond the electoral process. And to begin with, Yah’shua is a King -- not an elected official. And therefore, He is the head of a Kingdom. And a Kingdom is a king’s domain, or measure of rule. And the King of Kings, Melekh Yahushua, taught us to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven” -- not our President. And “Thy Kingdom come” -- not thy Republic. Amen?


Behold, Yisrael: the true body of Christ at-large must repent from seeking to establish Kingdom order by emulating the orders of this world, which are after all, the same powers we are called upon as Yisraelites to rule in righteousness and truth. And so, my brethren, we must now begin to look toward our geo-political future as a nation -- and we must do so in proper Kingdom order...

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