An ancient Davidic coin
Executive Council

The lineage and family Abba YAH has chosen and divinely ordained to rule His people Yisrael forever. (2 Sam. 7:16).


The key to our repatriation is the restored Executive  Ecclesiastical power of our Royal Family, purposed and decreed by the Most High Himself! (Jer. 33:17).

A replica of the Ark of the Covenant
Legislative Council

The second family Abba YAH has chosen and ordained ordained to rule the Levitical order continually, under the Royal Melchizedek Priesthood. (Jer. 33:18).


This faithful line of Aharone is to preside over the remaining sacrificial offerings unto YAHUWAH. (Ez. 43:19).

A judicial gavel
Judicial Council

The set-apart family of Government Ministers Abba YAH has sent through Yahushua the Messiah to adjudicate in the Kingdom Sanhedrin. (Acts 15:1-33).


These are the official spokesmen of the Torah, assigned by Abba YAH as community watchmen and rulers in assistance to the Royal House. (Ahmos 3:7, Dan. 9:10).

A shepherd's staff
National Council

Ministry elders and teachers from the twelve tribes who oversee day-to-day operations as rulers of the Church-Sanhedrins. (Jer. 3:15, II Tim. 4:5).


These are the local ministers who shepherd the flocks, and build upon the doctrinal and ministerial foundation of the Royal House. (I Cor. 12:28, Eph. 2:20).


Have you not considered what this people have spoken, saying, the two families which YAHUWAH has chosen, He has cast them off? Thus, they have despised My people, that they should be no more a nation before them. 

- YermeYahu-Jeremiah 33:24

United Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael Chart
Artist's rendering of the true ancient Jerusalem - The City of David, which sits outside the walls of the "Old City."

Look beyond "race" and religion, and discover the divine purpose of Hebrew Yisraelites!

Seal of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael