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April 9, 2017

Yashah Ben Yah'shua

Servant & Royal Emissary

The House of Davïd


House of Davïd Official Statement:

In fulfilling our call to culturally reconnect our people to the Holy Covenants: The House of Davïd, the Church at Victorville and the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network do declare and decree, that the Hebrew Yisraelite stigmatizing of the word 'Christianity' as representing the false church is etymologically incorrect, historically inaccurate, structurally short-sighted and strategically unwise.

The Truth:

The first-century Messianic Hebrew Yisraelites undeniably referred to themselves as 'Christianos' - which is simply a Greek word translated into the English word 'Christian,' and derived from the root word 'Christos,' meaning 'an anointed one' (1 Kefa-Peter 4:16; Acts 26:28).

The Messianic-Christian churches were gradually driven underground by a treacherous Roman military campaign, targeting the Desposyni - the Davïdic princes who presided over all Christians, until their three-hundred-year-plus rulership was overthrown and usurped at the onset of Roman Catholicism.


The anointed Melchizedek Order of the Royal Priesthood restored by Christ was counterfeited with a corrupt political system; founded on the pseudo-Christian Mithraism of Roman Emperor Constantine I, and confirmed at the "Ecumenical" Council of Nicaea early in the fourth century.​

Finally, brethren, the fact that most Hebrew Yisraelite-aware embrace the word 'Christ' and yet demonize the word 'Christianity' is a glaring example of our cultural arrogance - in alienating the vast majority of the very people we seek to restore, based upon a word that means, "The Way of Christ."

Hear O Yisrael: When we as Yisraelites refer to the followers of Catholicism and Churchianity as Christians, we legitimize the same religious systems we reject, by wrongfully referring to our people who are lost and deceived as Christianos - anointed ones. YAH forbid.

Today, the man-made religion erroneously referred to as Christianity is a universal, multi-denominational, geopolitical, profit-driven "non-profit" corporation consisting of many warring factions; with each variation rooted in the pseudo-Christian Catholicism of fourth-century Rome.

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Additional info:

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