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Our mission is to gather, organize, and unify a Kingdom government and community in the wilderness of America, as a divine demonstration of freedom and justice for our people and the world.  

The Church at Victorville is under a divine mandate in Christ to minister to the children of YAH in spirit, mind and body. And this assignment has required us to organize as “a government in seed form.” That is to say, TCVI has prepared and proposed a comprehensive order of Kingdom ministries, allowing for an evolution into a fully empowered, sovereign Yisraelite city-state.
According to the dictionary, a ‘state’ is simply “ organized community living under a unified political system; the government.” Based on that definition, our emerging statehood hinges upon a nation-wide ratifying of a unified system of self-governance.
On the other hand, a ‘nation’ is “...a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history.” By that definition, we as natural and ‘naturalized’ Yisraelites are already a nation, but not yet a Kingdom…
The only required component lacking is a defined physical territory. And this missing piece will very soon be added to our nation, when Abba YAH gathers His children into “the wilderness of the people,” as it is written. (Ezek. 20:33-36).
Surely, we as Yisraelites are a holy nation, seeking to elevate our people and the world; as we evolve from our current state of sharing a common history and culture, into the sovereign and eternal Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael.


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