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The TCVI mission is to gather, organize and unify a Kingdom city-state in the wilderness of America, as a divine demonstration of freedom and justice for our people and the world. 

Over the past several years, the servant has divinely received and put forth a comprehensive Order of Kingdom Governance; structured for an evolution into a fully empowered, sovereign Yisraelite state.
Now according to the standard definition, a 'state' is simply “an organized community living under a unified political system.” By that definition, our emerging state now hinges upon a Kingdom-wide restoration and ratification of the ancient House of

On the other hand, a nation is generally defined as “a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity or history.” And according to that definition, we as natural and naturalized Yisraelites are already a nation -- but not yet an outward kingdom.

At this stage, the only missing requirement is a sovereign Yisraelite territory. And that dimension will soon be officially granted to the new Kingdom -- when Abba YAH gathers His remnant into 'the wilderness of the people,' as it is written.

Surely, we as faithful believers are a holy nation, seeking to elevate our people and the world; as we evolve from our current state of sharing a common history and culture, into the everlasting United Kingdom of Yisrael.

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