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       he mission of the Church at Victorville is to gather, organize, and unify a Kingdom government in the wilderness of America, as a divine demonstration of freedom and justice for 'Black America,' and the world.


TCVI is under a Torah mandate in Mashiakh to minister to the people of YAH in spirit, mind and body. And this assignment requires us to organize and operate as "a government in seed form." That is to say, we propose a fully comprehensive order of ministries, allowing for an evolution into a fully empowered state.


According to Wiki, a state is "...an organized community living under a unified political system, the government." Our emerging statehood -- and full range of ministry -- hinges upon the national ratification of a unified system of self-governance.


A nation, on the other hand, is simply "...a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history." By this definition, Hebrew Yisraelites are already a nation, but not yet a Kingdom. The only component lacking is a defined territory. This missing piece will soon be added to TCVI, and to Yisrael at large, when YAH brings us into "the wilderness of the people," just as it is written.


We as Hebrew Yisraelites are indeed a nation, dedicated to serving our people to the utmost; by expanding from merely holding a common ethnicity and culture into a fully organized and unified government -- into the eternal Kingdom of Yisrael.