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In the Wilderness of the People of America



Elder Yashah, Servant and Royal Emissary of the House of Davïd, to the Holy Nation Worldwide, Greetings.

Beloved children, in light of the growing New Awakening, and the ongoing controversy over the location of ancient Jerusalem, a new urgency to return to the Promised Land has swept through the Kingdom. And certainly, the scriptures are clear concerning the promise of a physical return... As for this servant, I look forward with great anticipation to a pilgrimage to Zion for Passover, 2025, YAH willing! 


With that being said, many among the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware, including this servant, expect that before Abba YAH fully restores our ancient homeland, He will gather us together in the wilderness of our affliction - New Yisrael / Arzareth-America - in the midst of His representative "melting pot" of all the peoples of the earth...


Behold, saints: Let it be acknowledged throughout the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement that the only vast wilderness areas in the Continental United States are located in the Western states.


And it "just so happens" that from the original land of our fathers, the most distant wilderness areas on earth include the Mojave Desert; the former land of Ha Makhav - a rare, Mosaic Law-oriented Yisraelite tribe of Southern California, dwelling in the land of the Joshua tree -- with nearby Los Angeles sharing virtually the same global latitude as Jerusalem itself...


Let it also be known, Yisrael, that poverty-stricken 'Jacob' from South Los Angeles has already begun to relocate to the High Desert in serious numbers, by the outstretched arm of Almighty YAH...

My fellow countrymen, it is written, "Like as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, says Adonai YAHUWAH” (Ezek. 20:36). Notice that the wilderness our ancient fathers escaped to was yet in the land of Egypt - in the land formerly ruled by their oppressors. According to the prophecy, so shall He plead with true Yisrael today - in a wilderness formerly under our oppressors as well. In the "New Egypt." Sélah.

Now, according to the last days visions of Ezekiel, the coming Eternal Temple in Jerusalem will include the perpetual offering of animal sacrifices, along with all other Mosaic offerings, by the faithful remnant of the sons of Tzadok, under the restored Royal Priestly Order of Melchizedek.


But before He will allow us to return as a people to our original Promised Land and offer up natural sacrifices, we must first gather ourselves together while still in exile, to offer up spiritual sacrifices of worship and praise unto Abba YAH, as well as genuine love, righteousness and brotherhood.


And thereby, before the New Exodus, our Priestly Order shall be fully restored, tested and tried, and fully consecrated and acceptable unto YAH... For as it is written, we as a nation shall never defile His Holy Land again! But meanwhile, we must be ever mindful not to place the land of Zion above the King of Zion! After all, Hebrews, what man among us would choose a woman who is more concerned with his home than with himself? Sélah.


Hear O Yisrael: Let us now bring to our remembrance once and for all time, that the land was made for the people - the people were not made for the land! Indeed, the land was named after Yisrael - Yisrael was not named after the land. Surely, Abba YAH is not as concerned with getting us out of Egypt and Babylon as He is with getting Egypt and Babylon out of us...

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