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The Gathering

Yashah, a Servant and Royal Emissary of the House of Dawïd, to the Holy Nation Worldwide, Greetings.

Beloved children, in light of the recent controversy concerning the true location of Jerusalem, a new urgency to return to our original Promised Land has come to the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement. And certainly, the scriptures are clear concerning the promise of a physical return...

As for this servant, I look forward with great anticipation to my own pilgrimage to Zion for Sukkot, 2024, YAH willing!

That being said, many among the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware including the servant, expect that before Abba YAH
restores our ancient homeland, He will gather us together in the land of our former affliction: New Yisrael - Arzareth-America.

Hear O Yisrael: Let it be recognized throughout the Kingdom that the only wilderness areas in the Continental United States are in the West...

And it "just so happens" that from the original land of our fathers, the most distant wilderness on earth is the Mojave Desert in Southwest America, in the land of the Joshua tree!

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The land of the Joshua tree
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