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September 3, 2016

Yashah Ben Yah'shua

Servant & Royal Emissary

The House of Davïd

TCVI Official Statement:


Beloved Countrymen, as Torah observant Hebrew Yisraelites in Christ, our churches, camps and organizations must be operated and administered in Kingdom sovereignty - without external constraints. That is to say, we must now move beyond corporate requirements and 501(c)3 rules and regulations for churches, which determine how such "entities" operate.


As faithful shepherds of Yisrael, we must no longer be structurally limited by a U.S. Government-imposed 'CEO' and board of directors, nor spiritually compromised with endless bureaucratic red tape, and geopolitical "gag orders." The Church at Victorville / Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network et al, has met this divinely ordained standard.


Our 'non-501(c)3' unincorporated association is legally and lawfully recognized as being a tax-exempt church, even though TCVI is not a charitable arm of the government. TCVI's exemption was established because an unincorporated church must be granted operational sovereignty as a matter of Constitutional law; and our founding documents have been officially received as such.


Not that we seek to be lawless. YAH forbid. Unlike the religious hirelings, we do not seek to operate above the law. As it is written, "The powers that be are ordained of YAH." 


Apart from that, we as Hebrew Yisraelites have no collective authority to assume, declare, nor demand our rightful place among the sovereign family of nations. Only Almighty YAH can restore the Holy Kingdom to Yisrael, since it also requires turning the hearts of kings and rulers to fulfill His will. Again, only Abba YAH, through His Elect, possesses the infinite power and authority to accomplish this. Even so, Ahmen.


Sh'ma Yisrael: The eyes of Almighty YAH are searching to and fro throughout the earth, seeking an uncompromised sovereign remnant, whose hearts are right before Him in humble obedience to His Word... But be not deceived, saints.


The faithful remnant does not include:


  • Those who resist the divinely ordained powers that be, in the name of sovereignty.

  • Those who call for repatriation through the flesh rather than the Spirit.

  • Those who enter agreements that require moral and spiritual compromise.


We, The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network, Do Hereby Decree, According to the Duly Authorized Plenipotentiary Power Vested In the Servant By Almighty YAHUWAH Through Christ; That the Sovereignty of The United Kingdom of Yisrael Will Not Be Established By Entering Into Any Contractual Agreement of Any Kind, With Any Earthly Power Under the Current Guidelines of Local, State, National or International Law; Nor In Any Location On Earth, Up To and Including The United States of America and Eretz Yisrael.

Finally, brethren, TCVI-KYCN maintains that ultimately, the faithful and true shepherds of Yisrael in Christ must organize and govern the New Kingdom according to the Bible itself, rather than under a Torah-derived abstract, and other religious traditions of men.



For the downloadable document, click on the link below.

Kingdom Sovereignty.pdf

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