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An ancient and faraway place...

A land of unmatched history and endless wonder.

Faded childhood memories of a glorious city, so fascinating and mysterious; and shrouded with the golden haze of eternal promise...

The center of the earth. The navel of the nations. The birthplace of man's hope for immortality, and the wellspring of our common longing for the Divine.

         he once mighty city lies in ruins. The ancient high places languish in low estate. Like a royal bride stripped of her outer adornment, the terrain is naked and exposed, and covered with dark clouds of shame. The branches of fruitless trees are tossed to and fro by the unforgiving winds of time. Behold, a barren wilderness, with a waning expectation for the blooming of a once lush and bountiful land...
She is a city no longer renowned for her beauty, that she should be courted by the children of men. A city trodden underfoot by the wicked, and woefully neglected by the passing of time. A broken city, with a strained appearance of wariness from fear of her coming new horizon. Ghostly images haunt her nightmares, as foreign nations pollute her Y
AH-forsaken streets.

And yet, a tiny remnant of her sons and daughters from afar arise to seek the ancient pathways; to reclaim the ruins of a distant and glorious past... The faithful children bond with the long-lost motherland and renew the ancient promise. In the name of love and honor, they brave the hardships, face the trials and embrace the burden of pilgrimage - a path long since rejected and forsaken by countless generations.
Slowly, a faint, yet unmistakable glimmer of hope begins to spread across the horizon... After endless years of parched plains and naked valleys, a dormant underground river bursts to the surface, bringing forth a new refreshing; and ushering in the long-awaited season of divine renewal! Expressions of great awe and humility are etched upon the faces of the remnant...

Suddenly, the once barren trees begin to clap their hands, and the royal lilies of the field rejoice in heavenly harmony! A great beacon light of hope now emanates throughout the Promised land, beckoning to the ends of the earth; and a deep, collective exhale echoes across the waning darkness. Then all at once, the wealth of the nations forever removes the shame and disgrace that grieved the Holy Land through the ages...

For the ancient City of Davïd is risen; and shall soon to be covered with the Holy garments of praise; and adorned with the glory and splendor of a Royal Bride! Her high places shall teem with great multitudes of the children of YAH gathered from afar
... Behold, O Yisrael, the sheer magnificence of the renewed Promised Land has become the everlasting Glory of the Most High, and the Holy One of Yisrael!

The city set on a hill far away... The birthplace of a million dreams. An ancient vision of eternal love and peace for all mankind. The garden spot of the universe. The land of lands.



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