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On March 4, 1968, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of the now infamous J. Edgar Hoover, circulated a staff memo, entitled:
'Counterintelligence Program: Black Nationalist - Hate Groups Racial Intelligence.'
This deep state-sponsored FBI program, which came to be known as 'COINTELPRO,' stated that one of its main goals was to "...prevent the RISE OF A 'MESSIAH' who could unify, and electrify the militant black nationalist movement." Indeed.

By 1999, the United States Government considered the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement to be more of a threat to its internal security than "...terrorists and jihadists." This wholly unwarranted covert activity has contributed to a climate of hate and fear in America toward those of us among the supposed "African American" people who have awakened to our true national identity...

Now to be sure, within any social movement there are extremist elements that reflect poorly upon the whole. No doubt. But all of us in the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement have faced constant false accusations, coming from every ethnicity, class, political view and religious tradition. And especially from traitorous "family members" and "friends," and government infiltrators. And so it is.... 

Here are TCVI's responses to the six most common accusations:
Hebrew Yisraelite-aware street preachers
YHWH in paleo Hebrew - white.png

"You're anti-Semitic."

Our response: Let it be known and understood before all the nations of the earth that we as Hebrew Yisraelites are not against the true Jews - who just happen to be the "Semitic" head tribe of our own Kingdom! And to all sincere seekers of truth through the Torah from every ethnicity of man; regardless of color, class or nationality: we love you... And therefore, we beseech you to come to your true Messiah: the eternal King and High Priest of all Yisrael, Christ - Yah'shua Ha Mashiach! YAH Khai v'HalleluYAH!

At the same time, we do identify those who are not Jews by ethnicity nor by practice but are still referred to as "Jewish." And we recognize that due to the disobedience of our own people, these pagan Gentiles along with their sold-out allies in mass media, have been allowed by our GOD to shrewdly embed into the public mind that anyone who would find fault with them for any reason must immediately be branded as “anti-Semitic.”

We also recognize that this tactic has been used for centuries to maintain the Jewish usurping of the divine inheritance promised to the true seed of Abraham, Yitzhaq and Ya'aqob. And up until this pivotal moment in history, these deceivers - and their traitorous "black" gatekeepers - have been allowed by Almighty YAH to exercise a monopoly on the priceless human capital encoded in the true seed; and to do so without legal or moral consequence.

Now the good news is, as of Sukkot [The Feast of Tabernacles], 2019, the prophesied four-hundred-year affliction of our people has run its course... After the long night of our captivity, YAHUWAH our Father is now removing the curse, and bringing the truth of our stolen heritage into the light of day before America and the world! Surely, righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne, as it is written. And surely, they shall receive justice without mercy who have shown no mercy; for the mouth of YAHUWAH has spoken it.



"You're anti-Christian."

Our response: To begin with, to suggest that any 'religious' group is a theological "monolith" is unrealistic. And of course, this holds true for the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement. Obviously, there are believers in Christ among us and non-believers as well, just like there are among traditional 'Judeo-Christians.'

Now, what most Hebrew Yisraelite factions refer to as Christianity - the word 'Christian' simply means "in Christ" - we refer to as 'Churchianity'; meaning the ancient Emperor Constantine's Mithraism mixed with the true faith delivered unto the original saints. It is this pseudo-Christian Roman "Catholicism" which supposed Protestants have never fully rejected that the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement and TCVI categorically rejects; and that with no apologies.
The TCVI Church-Sanhedrin is a universal ministry to all Yisrael. And we do believe in Christ and His redemptive sacrifice at Calvary. But we do not accept the false Euro-Gentile 'god' which is not the true Christ, but a concocted "white" image ordered by the Vatican to facilitate the European and "Jewish" trans-Atlantic enslavement of the true Jews. We know and understand full well that Christ, the Messiah of Yisrael, is a Hebrew Yisraelite Yahudi, or 'Jew,' from the tribe of Yahudah, and not an Anglo-Saxon or Caucasian. And yes - His skin color matters. If not, there would have been no need to usurp the identity of the real Christ to begin with.
Even our 'African Methodist Episcopal' (AME) kinsmen for example, are aware of this historical truth. But the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware among us have reclaimed our national identity and heritage completely. And even as we speak, traditional Christians of every persuasion are turning to their Hebrew roots in great numbers, in a powerful end-time move of the Holy Spirit!


"You're legalists."

Our response: Based upon its Greco-Romanized mindset, most of traditional 'Christianity' has misunderstood the profound writings of the apostle Paul and believe that the curse of the Law is the Law itself. In other words, Churchianity insists that those of us who are reconnecting to our Yisraelite culture are frustrating the grace of GOD.
But in truth, according to the book of Hebrews, the only part of the Law which is no longer applicable in Christ are the carnal ordinances of the Levitical Priesthood - the Order of the former Temple - which was replaced with the New Covenant Royal Priesthood of Melchizedek; since Christ, our eternal High Priest, sprang not from the tribe of Lewi, but from Yahudah. (Eze. 44:10-31, Heb. 7:11-19). 
For example, the 'blueprint' of the new Temple which is soon to come is divinely ordered according to this change of the Priesthood; with very critical differences, such as no Menorah, no veil before the Holy of Holies, and so on. (Eze., Chapters 40-47). And therefore, the moral, civil, and dietary laws, and the Holy Convocations of YAH, have in no wise been abolished in Christ! 

Now as for keeping the Law: even as the tablets of stone were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant, with the Torah scrolls placed beside the Ark, the Ten Commandments have been written inwardly in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, so that we may be able to comprehend and outwardly fulfill the Torah (the divine instructions) unto everlasting life...
In fact, the greatest teachers and keepers of the Law who have ever lived are Christ and His disciples! And even the 'Seventh Day Adventists' for example, have the wisdom to obey the Sabbath Day Commandment, both in the natural and in the Spirit. And many other factions have now begun to recognize the Torah-based connection and proper balance between law and grace. For as it is written, "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the Commandments of YAHUWAH, AND the faith of Yah'shua." (Rev. 14:12). Indeed.


"You're a cult."

Our response: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a cult is "...a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion, and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous." By that definition, we are absolutely guilty [of practicing 'pure religion' as defined by our Messiah's brother, Prince Ya'aqob.] (James 1:27). That being said, the fact that some people may regard TCVI's beliefs or any other set of beliefs as extreme or dangerous does not automatically make it so. In fact, our Messiah Himself and His original Movement were viewed in that same fashion, along with every other significant political or 'religious' movement in history...

But beyond that, in 2014, President Barack Obama pointed out publicly, for example, that many atrocities, including the "Crusades" of the Middle Ages and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, were committed as the result of the radical religious beliefs of "mainstream Christians." So again, to conclude that all are guilty based upon the radical extremism of some is at best, unwise. At worst, it represents the very folly that led to the national rejection of our Messiah and the destruction of ancient Yisrael.


"You're a hate group."

Our response: TCVI teaches that "racism" and sexism - i.e., judging, or even condemning someone on the basis of skin color or gender - is illogical and unscriptural. These prejudices have long since proven to be foolish by the fear-mongering and inflammatory rhetoric of "race" supremacists, misogynists and 'misandrists' of all kinds. And we do find it hypocritical to be referred to as racist and sexist by our "racist" and sexist accusers...
So are there any among the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement who judge people by color and gender? Of course. But again, this does not include all of us, any more than it does among any other group. As for TCVI being misogynistic and "homophobic," we firmly believe in the Kingdom order of male and female - and we do not fear anyone but Almighty YAH!
Now the truth is, across all factions, denominations etc., the clarion call for the removal of "racial" and gender distinction is: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Messiah Yah'shua." (Gal. 3:28). But is this verse really a doctrine that says these ancient Kingdom orders are removed in Christ?
Notice that the same apostle who wrote "There is neither Jew nor Greek..." also wrote that the gospel is "...for the Jew first, and also for the Greek." (Rom. 1:16). And although he wrote, "...there is neither male nor female..." he also wrote, "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man..." (1 Cor. 11:3). So was the apostle confused, or inconsistent? YAH forbid!
In spite of those who reject Paul as an instigator of lawlessness, the truth is clear: the apostle Paul was absolutely correct. Rather than removing "race" or gender [or class], the apostle was simply informing the bewitched church at Galatia that contrary to the doctrine of the unbelievers, the order of redemption in Christ is the same for all, regardless of "race," gender or social status.


"You're terrorists."

Our response: This absurd accusation is the most misleading of them all. The idea that the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement is somehow linked to extremist Muslim jihadism based upon similar garments or other cultural features is a lie born of paranoia that should be routinely dismissed. (Although - color-based verbal attacks from certain Hebrew Yisraelite-aware individuals or groups is a legitimate concern.)
Despite there being no evidence whatsoever of physical violence being carried out by the Hebrew Yisraelite Movement, this media-driven myth continues to persist. But from our perspective, as the descendants of indigenous "black Indians" and involuntarily imported slaves, to be accused of violence by "white" supremacists who have perpetrated some of the most brutal acts of terrorism in the annals of human history is perhaps the ultimate irony. 

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