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The Divine Purpose of Ethnicity

“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell upon all the face of the earth; and has determined their pre-appointed times, and the boundaries of their countries, so that they should seek the LORD..."

Acts 17:26-27

Beloved brethren, in fulfilling our mission to establish unity of the faith in the Commonwealth of Yisrael, our first order of business is to reveal to the Holy Nation at-large -- to Hebrews, and true proselytes from all nations -- the Holy order of Hebrew Yisraelites in Christ, and the divine purpose of ethnicity in general.


To begin with, it is written that YAH “...shows His word unto Ya’aqob; His statutes and His judgments unto Yisrael. He has not dealt so with any nation; and as for His judgments, they have not known them” (Ps. 147:19-20). And as Almighty YAH Himself has declared: “I will make a new Covenant with the house of Yisrael, and with the house of Yahudah”

(Jer. 31:31; Heb. 8:8).

Surely, after the four-hundred-year affliction of Yisrael in America, the greater Commonwealth and the world must finally come to understand that we as the natural seed of Ya'aqob -- who are of the faith of Abraham -- are Divinely chosen and ordained as the primary heirs and executors of the Covenant blessings of YAH (Rom. 9:3-5).

Now to be sure, in our Hebrew culture, the word ‘ben’ (son) refers to a man who carries the honor, authority and character of his father, and not merely his genes. Indeed brethren, love is stronger than flesh -- and thicker than blood! Those among us who would inherit the promises must be of the faith of our father Abraham. That is to say, in Messiah Yah'shua.


Nevertheless, Abba YAH would simply be breaking His Covenants with the founding fathers of the faith, by placing the authority to establish and govern the Kingdom anywhere other than in the hands of Hebrew Yisraelites in Christ, to then be delegated to His adopted sons, who willingly submit to Kingdom order in our Father’s House.


For example, you Hebrews: which of you having begat sons, and having occasion to adopt sons from another nation, would then sow discord into your own household by appointing your adopted sons over the obedient sons from your own loins? And yet, at the same time, we must also know that "...a wise servant shall have rule over a son that causes shame, and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren” (Prov. 17:2). Sélah.

Behold, saints: the physical restoration of our national identity alone is no remedy for our confusion. In fact, the very reason Christ was crucified, was for daring to renounce mere nationality and Levitical ordinances as the standards for measuring one’s walk with YAH!

Brethren, it is written that in this emerging New Kingdom age, the eternal Melchizedek Priesthood shall be fully restored... And despite certain factions of the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware who have yet to see this mystery, hidden in Elohim until the resurrection of Yah’shua -- the adoption of sons from among the nations -- Abba YAH is faithful to His Covenants with our fathers, and will yet choose the natural seed of Yisrael in Christ as the root of the Commonwealth (Rom. 11). Even so, Amen...

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