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The Servant


​Above all things, the Church at Victorville is about love. Love for Almighty YAH our Father, and Yah'shua our Redeemer, and love for His people.

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering... The Fruit of the Spirit are timeless virtues that represent the sum and substance of the Law. And to that end, TCVI is dedicated to transcending the vain traditions of men.

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The Church at Victorville (TCVI) is the Royal Executive Order of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael. TCVI was founded in August of 2014 as a sovereign non-501(c)3 unincorporated church, according to the U.S. Constitution, and under the Torah, our Eternal Body of Universal Law. 

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TCVI embodies the eternal Kingdom order and government of Christ "in seed form." That is to say, we are designed and structured to facilitate an evolution into a fully empowered, sovereign Yisraelite Kingdom. And in truth, this is exactly what the Body of Christ has been divinely ordained to become.

1619 - 2019


TCVI represents a universal Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisraelites, irrespective of local churches, camps and organizations. Now to be sure, we are led by Hebrew Yisraelites, who are the rightful and legal executors of the Covenants.  But consider, saints, that even the term 'Hebrew Yisraelites' itself validates His grafted-in Yisraelites... 

Indeed, our hearts and our doors are open in Christ to receive the adopted sons of Abba YAH from every kindred, tongue, nation and people. In fact, TCVI foresees that many naturalized Yisraelite citizens will serve as official Kingdom representatives on behalf of their countries of origin. And surely, this organizing principle will soon order formal diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, throughout the Commonwealth and beyond!

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