Yashah Ben Yah'shua is a Servant and Royal Emissary of YAH our Father, and Yahushua Ha Mashiakh our Redeemer.

Shaleakh Yashah is the founding father and spiritual leader of the Church at Victorville, the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network, KYCNRadio.com and Mayim Records. The beloved Elder is among the sons of Dawid, and has been a fervent and dedicated disciple of Ha Mashiakh for nearly forty two years.

From his own "Damascus Road" encounter with Messiah Y'shua until today, this humble scribe's labor in YAH has been constant and consistent. The Divine anointing the Most High has graciously bestowed upon him has made the Elder's service among Yisrael truly unique.

From writing, performing and ministering at the pinnacle of the music industry, while refusing to sell out, to publicly challenging and rejecting traditional pastors, to raising and leading a family...

To founding and directing Preparing the Way Ministries and Preparing.org;  to founding and moderating the international Yahoo open forum, Hebrew Israelites in Christ, to teaching and mentoring local at-risk youth...

This faithful Apostle's labor among Yisrael has become a reliable source of edification and inspiration for many. Across the years, his calling and anointing has been greatly tested and proven in Ruakh Ha Qodesh and borne witness to by men and women of YAH from around the world.

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          bove all things, the Church at Victorville is about LOVE... Love for Abba YAH, and Y'shua Ha Mashiach, and love for the brethren...


Love, compassion, justice, mercy and humility; the fruit of the Ruakh - these timeless virtues represent the sum and substance of the Law. To that end, this movement represents a sincere and dedicated effort to overcome the lawless religious traditions of men.


Simply put, our vision is to build and establish a 'Church-Sanhedrin' according to Mashiakh. Not simply to see "...how many we're running on Shabbat." YAH forbid! As He taught us, where two or more are gathered in His name, He Himself will be there in the midst...


This ministry is unique in several ways. Perhaps the most critical way we differ from "church as usual" is how we're organized. To begin with, unlike the vast majority of churches, groups, camps, organizations and congregations of all kinds, TCVI is NOT a 501(c)3! We are not a corporate entity; neither are we a religious building. Neither are we a government sanctioned charity. We are a living temple, according to Mashiakh (I Peter 2:5.)


To that extent, we have no board of directors, no staff, no president; nor any legal obligation to follow other complex sets of non-scriptural rules and regulations required by federal law. We are organized and governed based solely upon that which is written.


Secondly, we are not a traditional church. We are a Kingdom in seed form. That is to say, we're structured in a way that allows for divine evolution into a fully empowered sovereign state. In Spirit and in Truth, this is what the Universal Set-Apart Body of Mashiakh was intended to become (I Peter 2:9). We are not a "local church" in the traditional sense; but a divine government in waiting. And the Torah is our book of International Law.


Thirdly, we don't mock or condemn our Hellenized brethren. Every Hebrew Yisraelite was "black" or "African-American" at some point. And so we tailor our language and ministry accordingly -- to become all things to all men, that we might by all means save some of our lost kinsmen (Rom. 9:1-8).


Finally, we are a nation of Yisraelites, regardless of our various "memberships" and locations. To be sure, we're led by Hebrew Yisraelites, who are the rightful and legal executors of the New Covenant (Jer. 31:31, Heb. 8:8).


But remember -- the very term 'Hebrew Yisraelites' infers that there are other kinds of Israelites!


Indeed, our doors and our hearts are open in Mashiakh to receive adopted sons and daughters from every kindred, tongue, nation and people. We are fully persuaded that naturalized Yisraelite citizens will ultimately serve as representatives from their nations of origin as Yisraelites indeed... And without a doubt, this basic truth is the key universal governing principle of the everlasting Kingdom to come.


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