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June 29, 2024

Yashah Ben Yahushua

Servant and Royal Emissary

The House of Davïd

House of Davïd Official Statement:

Men and brethren of Yisrael: As you may know, Torah law speaks of a well-defined method of granting citizenship in the Hebrew Yisraelite Kingdom to the stranger, by way of a kind of naturalization process. And this YAH-ordained process includes strange women - even those from conquered nations (Deut. 21:10-14).


Now consider, akhim: If a strange woman (a whore, a foreigner, or a heathen) should submit to that process - like Rahab the harlot for example, who is an ancestress of Christ Himself - such a woman may in fact become a citizen in good standing in the set-apart Kingdom, as did our beloved Egyptian sister. Sélah.


So should a man accept such a woman as a concubine?


That decision must be according to the particular man, based upon his own specific household and circumstances. And should such a woman dwell as a concubine in the same house with a wife or wives? This servant for one, would not do that personally, nor would I advise any brother to do so. But I would certainly admonish the brethren that each of us must be mindful not to add to, nor take away from Torah Law, based upon personal marital frustration or bitterness (Deut. 4:2).


Now to be sure, according to the Torah – our instructions – Yisraelite men must not under any circumstances be expected to marry strange women. Neither shall we be required to adopt bastard children into our families. However, as faithful sons of YAH, we must never codify an anti-Torah, man-made disqualification for making wives of such women, nor for the divine legitimizing of bastard children in Christ.


Behold O Yisrael: Along with the restoration of Kingdom polygyny, restoring a Torah-based Kingdom vetting and sanctification process to Yisrael is indeed another key to unlocking the family-busting stronghold of ‘hoes and baby daddies’ among our nation, within Torah-prescribed guidelines concerning the legal and lawful Hebrew Yisraelite process of naturalization.




For the downloadable document, click on the link below:

The Adoption of Strange Women.pdf

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