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The Hidden Son of David

Yah'shua said unto them, "How then does Dawïd in Spirit call Him Master, saying, ‘YAHUWAH said to my LORD, sit on My right hand, until I make Your enemies Your footstool.’  If Dawïd then called Him LORD, how is He his son?”


–  Matthew 22:43-45

In the Name of YAHUWAH our Father, and Yah’shua the Messiah our Redeemer, Greetings.


Beloved brethren, the books of the prophets of Yisrael contain many passages of scripture that have been wrongfully assigned to Christ by Euro-Gentile scholars and their adherents, which are in truth, prophesying the coming of a Royal kinsman of Christ, and not of Christ Himself! And surely, this fundamental error has led to much division and confusion over the Gospel, and the coming restoration of the Kingdom to Yisrael...


For those of us who are born from above through the Holy Spirit, the fact that Yah’shua is the Messiah of Yisrael is indisputable. The truth of His death, burial and literal physical resurrection from the dead, witnessed by hundreds of our ancient Hebrew Yisraelite fathers, is absolutely unassailable. However, what remains unclear for most of us are the prophecies concerning the House of Dawïd -- the Royal Hebrew Yisraelite lineage and family of Christ. 


Like most of Hebrew eschatology, this matter has been completely mishandled by the corporate theologians of Churchianity. And sadly, their conclusions have been widely accepted by so-called 'African Americans' in general -- including the Hebrew Yisraelite-aware -- in the absence of a true Hebraic understanding of end-time events.


Hear O Yisrael: know and understand that the revelation of ‘the Branch’ is the key to the New Exodus -- to the deliverance, repatriation and eternal governance of our people, the Kingdom Commonwealth, and the world.

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