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I. We Believe in YAHUWAH - The GOD of Abraham, Yitzhaq, and Yah'aqob, our Heavenly Father; the Self-Existent Creator and Sustainer of All Things; The Almighty; and as the Most High, Beside Him There Is No Other.


II. We Believe in Yahushua Ha Mashiakh [Christ] - The Only Begotten Son of YAH: The KING of Kings and LORD of Lords; the Eternal King and High Priest of the Universe; and the Redeemer of Just Men Everywhere.


III. We Believe in the Holy Spirit [Ruakh Ha Qodesh] - Sent to Fill Each Believer; to Guide the Holy Nation into All Truth; to Empower the Faithful to Live an Overcoming Life; and to Reprove the World of Sin, of Righteousness, and of Judgment.


IV. We Believe in the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, and the New Testament - The Holy Bible; the Inerrant, Holy Spirit-Breathed Revelation of YAHUWAH, delivered through the Holy Kings, Prophets, and Priests of Yisrael.


V. We Believe in the Laws, Statutes and Commandments of YAHUWAH - As it is Written, “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the Commandments of YAHUWAH and the faith of Yahushua” (Rev. 14:12).


VI. We Believe in the Eternal Blood Atonement - The Sacred Blood of Ha Mashiach-Christ; Untouched by the Taint of Fallen Mankind; Shed to Redeem the Souls and Remit the Sins of the Just; Once and for All Time, Unto Everlasting Life.


VII. We Believe in the Doctrine of Messiah-Christ Yahushua - The Three-Fold Foundational Principles Upon Which the New Covenant is Established (Heb. 6:1-2).


VIII. We Believe in the High Priestly Prayer of Messiah-Christ Yahushua - His Call to Oneness Through a Partaking of the Bread, which is His Body, the Eternal Word of YAH.


IX. We Believe in the Divine Legacy and Heritage of the Hebrew Yisraelites - The True Descendants of the Ancient Yisraelites, the supposed African American people; Together with the Natural Children of Yisrael in Christ from All Nations, as the Primary Heirs, and the Rightful and Legal Executors of the Holy Covenants.


X. We Believe in the Resurrection - The Translation of the Faithful Remnant, from Both the Living and the Dead, to be Bodily Transformed into a Glorified State like unto Mashiakh; to Rule and Reign with Him in an Everlasting Dominion.



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