• We foresee the Holy Spirit restoring the sons of Dawid and the sons of Tzadok to leadership in the Commonwealth of Yisrael, unto the establishing of Kingdom order.

  • We foresee the Holy Nation at-large moving from ownership to stewardship, like unto the original church at Jerusalem, by holding all things in common.


  • We foresee a widespread establishing of local meetings occurring from house to house, restoring true intimacy and accountability to our fellowships.


  • We foresee a faithful remnant in Messiah-Christ who will reject political conformity to the world system and will establish an authentically sovereign Kingdom of Yisrael.


  • We foresee a gathering of the faithful remnant into one common land within the wilderness of America, to restore the Kingdom foundation of the Holy Nation.


  • We foresee a divine synergy of national agreement, where all true believers will be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.


  • We foresee the wealth of the nations being placed at the feet of the remnant of true Yisrael in Messiah-Christ.


  • We foresee a soon-coming mass 'New Exodus' of Hebrew Yisraelites in Christ and our companions from around the world to our ancient Promised Land.

An ancient artists'a rendering of the 12