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e foresee the Holy Spirit restoring the sons of Dawid and the sons of Tzadok to the Commonwealth of Yisrael, unto the establishing of Kingdom order.

We foresee the Holy Nation moving from ownership to stewardship; holding all things in common.

We foresee widespread local meetings from house to house; restoring true intimacy and accountability to our gatherings.

We foresee a faithful remnant who will reject integration with the world, and establish an authentically sovereign Kingdom of Yisrael.

We foresee a re-location of that remnant into one common place in America, to rebuild the foundation of the Holy Nation.

We foresee a point of agreement, where all true Hebrews will be perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same judgment.

We foresee the wealth of the nations being placed at the feet of the faithful remnant of Yisrael.

We foresee a soon-coming mass 'New Exodus' of Hebrew Yisraelites from around the world to our promised land.