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The Vision

As the founder of TCVI, this servant foresees Almighty YAH through Christ restoring the sons of Dawïd and the sons of Tzadok to rulership in Yisrael, to establish divine law and order throughout the Kingdom Commonwealth.

We foresee the Holy Nation moving from ownership to stewardship like the original church at Jerusalem and holding all things in common.

We foresee a widespread establishing of meetings from house to house, restoring intimacy and accountability to our local congregations.

We foresee a faithful remnant of elders in Christ who will reject conformity to the current world system and establish the eternal Sanhedrin of Yisrael.
We foresee a great gathering of Yisraelites into one land in the wilderness of America, to build the foundation of the New Kingdom.
We foresee a divine synergy of national agreement, when all Yisraelites in Christ will be perfectly joined together in the same mind and the same judgment.
We foresee a great wealth transfer coming from all nations and being placed at the feet of the true children of Yisrael.
We foresee a soon-coming New Exodus of redeemed Yisraelites from around the world to our ancient Promised Land.

Ancient Hebrew Yisraelite Royal figurine, discovered in the state of Israel in 2017.
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