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T O   T H E   K I N G D O M   CO M M O N W E A L T H   OF   Y I S R A E L   A N D   T H E   N A T I O N S   O F   T H E   W O R L D



is the executive jurisdiction of the Church at Victorville, and a sovereign entity as the Royal Order of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael.


The Royal House serves as the foundational order of the Melchizedek Royal Priesthood, which comprises the Universal Church-Sanhedrin of the Kingdom Commonwealth; the Executive Council, and the rallying point of the global Kingdom Community.


The Royal House is specifically responsible for governance of the Kingdom Commonwealth, as organized into local, regional and national ‘Hebrew-reformed’ house-churches and ‘parachurch’ organizations.


The Royal House speaks and acts on behalf of the Kingdom Commonwealth through the formal issuance of Royal Decrees, open epistles and other official Kingdom documents.


The Royal House shall be recognized under current international law as a sovereign entity in and of itself, with which direct diplomatic relations can be maintained.

The Royal House rights and responsibilities are derived from its YAH-decreed eternal order as the pre-eminent governmental house in the Hebrew Yisraelite Kingdom.


The Royal House was consummated in the first century of the Era of our LORD; with its restoration to Executive Power in Jerusalem established by Yahushua Ben YAHUWAH Ha Melekh-Cohane.


The Royal House was executed and adjudicated through the New Covenant Churches by Nasik Ya’aqob Ben Yosef, the brother of our Redeemer; and the ‘Desposyni’ – our LORD’s kinsmen.


The Royal House as a sovereign entity, holds and stewards its Church at Victorville house headquarters through the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Land Trust.


The Royal House, in collaboration with the community land trust, shall develop and steward a Kingdom City enclave in the High Desert as a sovereign Hebrew Yisraelite territory. The territory shall consist of both temporary and permanent facilities, including residential districts, related businesses, global communications facilities, a Kingdom of Yisrael University and Library, a Hebrew Yisraelite Artifacts Museum and Repository, and Kingdom Administrative Chambers and offices.


The Royal House as a sovereign entity itself, is comparable to the city-state it shall govern. That is to say, as the duly authorized Executive Power of the Kingdom Commonwealth, the Royal House shall collaborate with the Kingdom of Yisrael Ministry of State to develop and maintain diplomatic relations with its fellow nation-states.


The Executive Power divinely vested in the House of Dawïd to rule the Universal Church-Sanhedrin of the Kingdom Commonwealth of Yisrael in Christ dates back to the First Year of the Heavenly Rule of Our LORD in the Common Era.

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The House of Dawïd.pdf

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