TCVI represents an effort to move beyond the 'Sunday church' traditions of men, and build a united Sanhedrin, according to the blueprint of the living Torah.

To that end, the following studies speak to the struggle of our people in captivity, as well as the evolution of this ministry:


The Restoration of the Moedim

Hidden Legacy

The Legacy of Azusa Street

The True Legacy of MLK

Keeping The Passover

The Wilderness of The People



The Vision

Articles of The Faith

KYCN Mission Statement


Sunday Christians FAQ

Vision of the House

Shabar Ben Lewi Testimony

A Better World


TCVI recognizes that in recent years, highly commercialized Gentile versions of end-time prophecy have gained mass appeal.

That last-days confusion has crept in among the Kingdom of Yisrael unawares, and created deep division and mass confusion. TCVI offers Yisrael clear, Scripture-based solutions, rooted in Hebraic prophetic vision and divine truth.

Prophetic Update: The Two Eternal Cities

The Abraham Accords

The Spirit of Elijah

The Four Blood Moons

Kingdom Vigilance

Hebrew Eschatology, Pt. 1 

The Wilderness of the People 

To Flee or Not to Flee

The Vengeance Before WW III

A Vision



TCVI offers a wide variety of basic teachings, reflected in the following list of epistles, study guides, and other writings.

Even as the tablets of stone were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant, with the Torah scrolls placed nearby; we seek to prophesy and teach according to the fundamentals of the Torah, by the power of the Ten Commandments written in our hearts.

The Order of Study

Love vs. Fear

Three-Fold Headship

The Incarnation of Ha Mashiakh

The Spirit of the Law

Kingdom Praise

There Remains a Rest

Calling Him Abba

The Order of Male & Female

Messianic Polygyny

Sticking to the Script

New Proverbs


Part 1 - Operations

Do prophets belong under the authority of a local shepherd? Are they to give directives to the churches, or simply confirm what has already been determined? This lesson includes answers to these controversial subjects, and much more.


Part 2 - Administrations

Do all true prophecies come to pass? Are all New Covenant prophecies given for comfort and encouragement? Are prophecies of judgment avoidable? Study this lesson and learn the truth.


Part 3 - Gifts

This study contains insight on how the prophetic gifts should operate in the local congregation, and revelation of the functional distinctions between the office of prophet and the gift of prophecy.



The controversial subjects covered in these links are posted here for all Yisrael, but especially for the truly humble and teachable among us.

In this perilous hour, we as His people can no longer afford to repeatedly relearn the foundation of first principles (See Heb. 6:1). We believe it's high time for the whole nation to come into doctrinal unity and spiritual maturity.

The Principle of Adoption

Pagan Symbols

The Adoption of Strange Women

Christianity - NLC Official Statement


The overall vision of The Church at Victorville includes an outreach to the High Desert at large. And especially, to the high influx of at-risk "minority" youth and their families from South Los Angeles.

The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network has developed and forwarded a project proposal for a new non-profit organization designed specifically for this purpose.

The Mayim Center For Social & Cultural Empowerment has set as its primary goal, the connecting of generations; with special focus on missing or ineffective fatherhood, which lies at the heart of youth dysfunction.



Here are some helpful outlines we created for One 2 One Mentors, a local non-profit, serving at-risk youth in the High Desert.

Class Objective

Let's Get Acquainted

Family Conflict Resolution

Family Team Building

Forgiving the Past

Healthy Relationships

Love & Limits

Anger Management

The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol


Prospective donors and fundraisers, for a detailed line item list for the Mayim Center, please contact TCVI at:

The Church at Victorville

13688 Del Haven Street

Victorville, CA 92392

Phone: (442) 284-4282